About Us

We recognise that in an ever changing and competitive commercial environment the success of our business depends on our reputation, the service we provide and our ability to stay ahead of market trends. 

We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, ensuring that we provide sound advice regarding design and materials, as well as accurate cost-estimates based on our years of experience in the design and assembly of glass and aluminium solutions. We provide the highest quality products and pride ourselves on excellent workmanship. We are also committed to providing superior customer service and believe that this combination of elements will ensure long lasting and sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers

We strife to maintain a position of leadership in the glass and aluminium industry by providing outstanding quality through exceptional workmanship and world class products.We embrace innovation and do not shy away from projects involving ambitious or challenging architectural elements. We are passionate about our customers and what the glass and aluminium industry has to offer building owners and/or developers and as such make a consistent effort to stay ahead of developments in the industry, applying innovative techniques and sourcing only the best and the latest products available. All our products comply with the National Building Regulations, AAMSA & SAGGA requirements.